About me



I love ideas that improve peoples lives. Presently I am building Clozer. My dream is to make it easy for great new ideas to get to market. I often wonder ‘What if the cure to cancer was inside the mind of someone that couldn’t sell’. That’s how Clozer began.

I invest in several companies and I write and talk about business in an effort to help people start their own. My joy is helping others. My sincere hope is that this blog helps you.

I left home at 16 with the ambition to become a Barrister (because that’s how I was going to help). [Fortunately] I quickly discovered the law was not the place for a creative like me. In 2011 I abandoned 7 years of legal toil to join a women’s charity where I had the idea for GWYGA. Our clients include Aviva, Nationwide Building Society, Pfizer and more.

I’m into meditation, yoga and travel that leaves my soul aching. And I write about those things.

I hope my posts help you. If there’s anything you want me to write about – tweet me @amibloomer

With love,


To book Ami as a motivational speaker get in touch below:

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