Impact Learning

As winning the war on talent climbs the corporate agenda, companies are  turning to community based activities to deliver inspiring learning and development programmes to retain, train and recruit the top talent.

Mission: Difference is Give What  You’re Good At’s unique skilled team challenge service; mapped to enable a team to make the biggest difference with their skills.

Mission: Difference has gained a significant share of the team away day market in the UK. Viewed as the smart way to allocate team day spend – with each day representing at least £20,000 investment in the cause.

Mission: Difference combines technology and charitable expertise to find a cause that needs the skills of the team to address a key organisational challenge. It might be helping Anxiety UK get GP’s to refer more patients to them or helping a charity to localise their offering. We find the skills that charity needs and construct an 8 hour day to deliver results.

The day is structured as a corporate training session. The learning and development needs are expertly assessed and the day structured to achieve those outcomes. For instance, if a team is having a particular issue with understanding each others contribution, we create teams to showcase skills in a creative and collaborative format.

71% of Mission: Difference participants report performing better in their jobs, with 68% reporting better problem solving skills and 100% reporting more pride in the company they work for. 

Structured skilled-based volunteering has three advantages over traditional learning and development activities:

–        Authenticity:  colleagues helping a cause report higher levels of development and learning because they care about what they’re doing;

–        Problem solving: Learning how to work with unique constraints promotes problem solving abilities;

–        Increased motivation: Colleagues extend greater discretionary effort for companies who allow them to invest the community.

Mission: Difference has the added advantaged of being added to the cause marketing bastion. Research shows consumers prefer to buy from communities who invest in the community. We have all been on mundane training course which profess to help us sharpen or gain a new skill. Mission: Difference is a radical creative approach helping business to consumer brands win the war on talent and market share.

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