The Age of Opportunity

Social isolation has been repeatedly shown to prospectively predict mortality and serious illness. Humans are uniquely connected to one another,  unsurprisingly being in isolation causes us unhappiness, which in turn causes illness.

I often think our society has developed in a box like fashion: we live in boxes, we drive boxes and we work in boxes. My mum turns 60 this year. She used to spend most of her time alone at home, until her husband got ill and needed a double bypass. Now they spend time at home together, venturing out for walks and food shopping. They have little access or means to use their time to make a purposeful difference, or find out about local events, classes or meetings. This social leprosy has noticeably caused both stress.

The Silver Service hopes to relief social isolation – promoting an aggregation of  aging opportunities, such as Casserole – where you can share meals with local people.

Too often we forget that people over 50 have a wealth of life  and career experience which is extremely valuable. Imagine a world where we could harness the strengths and capabilities of people who are emotional and fiscally stable? The Silver Service will lists opportunities to find interesting freelance work  (without the fees normal freelancer sites charge) and 100’s of opportunities to contribute to wider community, create change and meeting like minded people.

The platform will be driven by user content  from circa 800 people. It will focus on issues that affect people over 50, such as grandparenthood, debt and healthcare. We are accepting blog and news features. If you have something you’d like to add please submit your entry here.

500 – 800 words. Ongoing submissions received.


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