Getting a Job will Always be a Human Process

Getting a job is a very human and very delicate interaction.  It’s not surprising that 41% of Brits get a job through someone they know. I  founded a start-up called The Crowd Works which uses technology (from my first business) to bring job referrals online; effortlessly greasing the wheels of referrals.

The idea emerged from the struggle I endured building Give What You’re Good At’s team.

It struck me that intermediaries in travel and home sales (travel agents and real estate agents) have been displaced (at least to some degree). But in recruitment, very little if anything has displaced recruiters. In fact, job boards and even social sites like LinkedIn, make a lot of their revenue from recruiters.

The Crowd Works works with recruiters and people. Our technology prioritises referrals of contacts, the referees has the most face-to-face contact time with. We understand that before a job referral can be made, a lot of mini decisions are made, such as:

  • How well do I know them?
  • How well do I know the employer?
  • Why should I do it?
  • What’s my responsibility here?
  • Will I get an increase in reputation (from the two parties involved and beyond) by making this referral?
  • Will the person like the new job?
  • Will the employer like the person?
  • Will I be “in trouble” (in some way) with the employer I’m “stealing” the prospect from?

We must recognise that recruitment is a billion pound industry because of the work and time that goes into finding the right recruit – time invested by recruiters.

For a job referral system to succeed it needs to grease the wheels and make referrals effortlessly while taking into account the social and psychological issues involved. Many people know that their networks are one of their most valuable assets. Those networks can’t be and shouldn’t be accessed cheaply or easily.

To find out more about The Crowd Works technology works click here.

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