8 actions to take everyday to make 2015 your best year yet

Most of us entrepreneurial types start the year on a high. Limitless opportunities stretched out in front of us, only to face a few setbacks and let fear into our everyday life’s and work practices. Here are 7 mini habits I do everyday to stay present, focused, happy and achieve great things in business.

1. Wake up and say 3 positive affirmations for the day

Today I love myself because, I am:

  1. Productive
  2. Making friends easily
  3. Producing great work that benefits others

Repeat your affirmations to yourself all day everyday. At least once an hour and watch as your mind shifts from can’t to can. Choose your affirmations based on what you need help with today.

2. Snap yourself out of negativity

Wear an elastic hair band on your wrist. Every time you hear yourself thinking negatively pull the band to snap yourself out of the negative story. At the end say ‘I am worth a more positive thought’. Don’t make the snap negative.

3. Meditation – cure yourself of cultural dissatisfaction

Take 5 minutes on your lunch break to sit in stillness and just think on your breath. Focus on all the sensations it provides you. The air around your nose. The way your stomach rises and falls.

You can also do a walking meditation where you focus for five minutes on how your feet feel when they hit the floor. How your toes absorb the impact. The key with both exercises is to be in that moment and focus on one thing, either the breath or the walking.

4. Meditate on love daily

Imagine a great ball of white loving light entering your body, bathing you in pure love. Think about that image for five minutes a day and feel the love penetrating each one of your hair strands. This is a beautiful practice to do everyday. It doesn’t matter where the love comes from, your family, friends, the universe strangers. Just feel it. It’s real.

5. Positive Actions

If you have a thorny problem sit down and visualize the solution step by step. Visualisation should not simply be used to get to the end goal. It should be used to visual each step. Studies show it is a lot more affect this way.

Once you’ve finished. Take 3 positive actions from your visualization. It could be ringing a friend to dissolve tension or sending a marketing email. You will feel better by taking 3 positive actions and if will remind you. You are in control.

6. Be Present

It is said we are either always in the past or future. The present is the only thing we can change, so be there. It is where you can create your future and learn to see your past in a more loving way.

7. Help Others

If you need help, help others., 100 hours per year (or two hours per week) is the optimal time we should dedicate to helping others in order to enrich our lives. You can do this through my organisation – givewhatyouregoodat.com or countless more encore.org, reachskills.org etc.

Giving to others is the best way to raise yourself up.

8. Love yourself all day everyday

To love yourself all day everyday is an imperative to feeling good. Do you think it would help a friend who was having a hard time at work if you said ‘you’re rubbish, you’re never be good enough, everything is going to go wrong’. No, it wouldn’t. So why say those things to yourself?

There is a very simple method to loving yourself all day everyday. Simply say ‘I approve of you’ all day everyday. I approve of you…. Again and again and again.

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