A Strong ‘WHY’ Will Help You Overcome Any Hurdle

My LinkedIn account has been hacked 8 times in 3 months. Its currently down, I am waiting for LinkedIn to remove a script that has been written to attack it. It is one in a series of harassment attempts I have faced while trying to build Clozer.


I started Clozer to help all businesses cloze more sales than anyone else. I started it to change the way sales are done. I started it because I believe it will change the lives and fortunes of millions. I started it to steer people away from rejection and towards clozes. And thank god I did, because making it work (an ongoing and heart rendering task) would not be possible without a strong why.

We grew quickly. I hired the wrong team. I was forced to tell friends they were no longer needed. The product was so poor there was no other choice. Afterwards, the only thing I  had was users (much angry) and product market fit. And me, a barrage of hatred. For the next 8 weeks, I faced continued harassment which involved the police, a journalist and multiple and continued attempted hacks. It was horrible, degrading and inhuman. I pride myself on never treating anyone like that.

I learnt a couple of hard lessons from this experience that I want to share with you:

1. Never internalise Hatred

I will hold my hands up to making mistakes. Especially in regards to the team. I learnt not to accept it into my mind or soul and to forgive quickly and effortlessly. Talking about the wrongs people did to you will get you nowhere.

2. Belief will transcend any hurdle

It took me 6 weeks to rebuild the team, pay most of Clozers debts, get investor money to fix the product and go to India to build the product I had envisioned. We are publishing over 28 new features June 2nd in line with the full automation I had envisioned. Having fixed almost all problems we never anticipated. Such as setting up price banding for Clozers. There is light, demand and users who believe in us.

3. Commit to the journey

When I travelled to India, I promptly got Delhi Belly and spent nights awake vomiting alone in my hotel room, while answering emails. In my fever and slight hallucinations, I realised the journey (even the struggle) is the reward. There is one reason I keep building Clozer: I believe the world needs Clozer. You can hate me for that, but you can never take that belief away from me. As renowned psychiatric Victor Frankl pointed out: From a why you will get the how.

When you start anything, find your WHY and go to work. TRUST the how will come.

Visit GoClozer.com to see the love we are pouring into making Clozer the place where the most sales Cloze.

With love always,


One thought on “A Strong ‘WHY’ Will Help You Overcome Any Hurdle

  1. Thanks for being so open about how you felt and moved on from these attacks – all of us at some point will be the focus of someone else’s ire, and yet it’s very rarely that we talk about it as an encouragement to others

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