How my StartUp Succeeded when I stopped Comparing it to Uber

Last week I hit the holy grail with Clozer.  My fourth start-up. Revenues are good. More importantly our metrics show we have found our sweet spot. Our product is making actual deals CLOZE. We found success with teams of Clozers and oddly, sending pizza’s the first time a deal is clozed.


I pitched Clozer to EVERYONE as “Uber for Sales ” with the potential to change the way that businesses hire sales people. Today we dropped Uber and from our marketing materials. Here’s why.


Clozer is not on-demand. It takes the company 2 hours to plug in all their data so we can find and help them hire the right Clozers. Its not a one-click solution at first. This comes later. And we get better at predicting the right Clozer the longer you’re with us.

We have an effective recruitment system for recruiting Clozers. We can channel 75 people to one deal with 4 days. This with the addition of chatbots is delivering on one of our three key metrics: How fast does a company hire a Clozer?  But it is clear that our Uber, on-demand comparison is a flop.

Lets look at our other 2 key metrics to understand why.

Metric Two: How many deals does a Clozer cloze for a company?

This goes up, with the length of time they are with a company. Our most common use case is creating remote sales teams to cloze on the phone. Instead of handing your calls to a call centre, you hand them to locals with industry experience. It works. More deals are clozed the longer the Clozer stays with the company.

To get deals Clozed, our customers need hands on help, advice and support. Not in line with the Uber economics. With our live chat system, we are constantly getting our hands dirty with pitches, commission structures and even lead generation help.


Metric Three: What is the lifetime output of the Clozer?

Employing sales people is not a one-off transaction. Sure, Clozers can work on multiple deals at a time. But the best performers work on 5 or less.

In retrospect Uber for X is a lazy way to describe Clozer. Sure we provide an Immediate Local Presence but we need you to give us a lot of data and we need time to work out your sales process and who will cloze your deals, before we can deliver your matches.

Our “shared risk” model—that Clozers work on commission only has required a lot of careful balancing. Deals need to be high quality or it is just a waste of time. And we don’t waste our Clozers time.


Here’s why companies join Clozer:

  • Establish a remote, cost-effective, commission only sales team to cloze on the phone.
  • Speed to market; – we recruit great sales people FAST and have all the necessary tools to get a sales team up and running

  • Improved ROI as opposed to building or extending an internal force. Building a sales force is expensive, utilizing the tools of Clozer is almost turn-key.

  • Ability to access markets unavailable to the client. We have vast sales experience in numerous industries and verticals and can leverage those relationships for you!

  • Improved systems and process to better capture a marketplace. We stay on top of sales trends and software for you and utilise the latest sales tools.

  • Providing a litmus test to compare internal sales resources. Your Clozer team will be on the front lines and will report valuable market research back to you.

  • Test a new product/service without distracting current in-house sales team – leave your people to what they do best, and let us test out a new product or market so that you don’t lose ground.


B2B sales recruitment is not an easy feat and has, as we have discovered, to be dedicated. We are leveraging technology to divorce sales from geography and provide an infinitely scalable sales team with the contacts and industry knowledge. Clozer isn’t an Uber of X.

The moral of this story: fast isn’t always best.

Clozers new strap line: Build Your Global Sales Team.

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