7 Sentences a Male Founder will never hear

Following the less than startling revelations that the tech industry favours masculine behaviour traits this week, I wanted to share 7 sentences male founders will (probably) never hear. That I have.

  1. ‘If we were in the Punjab we wouldn’t even be talking. You’d be in prison for talking to a man that isn’t your husband’.

  2. From a BBC Presenter ‘Its a real shame you’re unmarried and have no children’ (hmm… I’m 29).


  3. ‘You only got the deal because the buyer fancies you.’ That’s how companies in the fortune 500 stay in business.

  4.  ‘This employee is only willing to take a pay cut because he likes you.’ Yes, and he believes in our mission.

  5. ‘Don’t you feel afraid that everyone at the table is male, and your female? Do you really believe they will listen to you?’ I didn’t until you said that.

  6. ‘I’m not investing in your company because you’re cute…’  No you’re investing because it is growing fast.

  7. ‘You don’t want people to think you’re a man hater’. When I wanted to publish a message from an applicant which depicted how he wanted to make me bleed from my anus.


  8. The anus messages got removed. But here’s a recent application, albeit, with a more paternalistic intent.


Fashion, community, children, health businesses (female businesses) embrace women. Once you go into something commercial, and worst, something that challenges the status quo, you will encounter severe resistance. Push through the stupidity and prejudices of others. It is about them – not you.


2 thoughts on “7 Sentences a Male Founder will never hear

  1. Your comment proves my point. I am full of myself… I’ve added some screenshots that go to your second point. 🙂

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